BaronSat Shop for moc building instructions & custom models. All my instructions, for sale, are delivered as step by step pdf with partslists / inventory, including a PDF and the BSX one for Bricklink.

Anime : San Ku Kaï Liabe starship with Stragyre & Jetyscope ships building instructions are now available in my shop.

55 Euros

Buy building instructions in my MOC shop- Achetez des notices de montage dans mon shop.

Alien Queen Vs Power Loader Lego moc instructions Jabba's Prize Solo Carbonite moc lego instructions Ulysse 31 Lego moc model 2023

Alien Queen Power Loader Xenomorph, Eggs, Facehugger instructions.
9 Euros

Jabba's Prize Brickheadz Boushh & Han Solo Carbonite moc models instructions.
10 Euros

Anime Version Ulysses 31 Tri Part shuttle Lego Moc model building instructions.
40 Euros

Lego moc Aliens Cheyenne Dropship Instructions Lego moc Aliens APC Building Instructions lego TNG Type 6 Shuttle building instructions moc

Aliens Cheyenne Dropship Lego moc custom model building instructions.
55 Euros

Aliens APC M577 Lego moc custom model building instructions.
20 Euros

Star Trek The Next Generation Type 6 Shuttlecraft moc building instructions.
15 Euros

Lego Star wars Tatooine Skiff moc building instructions Lego small swat armored vehicle Instructions sample

Star Wars Lego Moc Desert Ship Custom Model building instructions PDF.

Swat Armored Truck (small version) Lego moc custom model building instructions.

Castle & Fantasy Lego moc Shelter for the Forest men model building instructions PDF.

lego-macross-valkyrie-VF-1S-building-instructions-moc-pdf lego building instructions blacksmith forge custom model moc Lego Dodge Charger 1970 building instructions pdf moc

Robotech Macross VF-1S MOC custom building instructions PDF.

Lego moc Blacksmith Forge & House custom model building instructions.

8 studs wide Dodge Charger MOC custom building instructions PDF.

Lego moc ww2 cannon bunker lego-gi-joe-hq-building-instructions-moc-pdf lego transportation star trek tos custom instructions

Lego moc WW2 German Cannon Bunker building instructions PDF.

Gi Joe Headquarters MOC custom building instructions PDF.

Star Trek Diplomatic Shuttle Lego moc custom building instructions PDF.

Lego-moc-ESB-Hoth-Turret-Defense-model Lego moc new york building instructions model Lego-MOTU-Brickheadz-moc-instructions

Lego moc Hoth Turret & Radar Cannon custom building instructions PDF.

New York street Lego custom MOC building instructions PDF.

Brickheadz Master of the Universe Lego MOC building instructions PDF.


Commissioned moc models for sale. Serious Lego collectors, can contact me for a price quote.
Modèle sur commande, collectionneurs avisés, n'hésitez pas à me contacter.


D-ady special 8 pack building instructions lego moc
59 Euros

June 2024
WW2 : 2024 Special D-Day pack of 8 Building Instructions at special price in my shop.

Fortified Inn Redux Lego moc model instructions modern & Classic versions
9 Euros

June 2024
Classic Castle - Medieval: Building Instructions for my Fortified Inn Redux Lego moc building instructions modern & Classic versions are now in my shop.

Lego moc Desert Truck & Johnny's Car custom Lego building instructions.
12 Euros

May 2024
Ancient Egypt : Building Instructions for my Desert truck & Johnny's Car moc models are now in my shop.

Lego moc Mummy's Temple & Surprise of Anubis Chamber building instructions
14 Euros

May 2024
Ancient Egypt : Building Instructions for my Mummy's Temple & Surprise of Anubis Chamber moc models are now in my shop.

Matchbox Crusader Lego moc

April 2024
New model from Matchbox Adventure 2000 line, the K-2003 Crusader and the 2014 version are now in my gallery and instructions shop.

Lego moc classic space page

February 2024
Classic Space : I gathered my classic space moc on a special page... and have more to add.

Steam Bus moc model build with Lego bricks Instructions
9 Euros

January 2024
Steam Era: Steam Powered Bus Lego moc custom models building instructions are available in my shop.

6040 6041 Amor Blacksmith Shop lego moc instructions
6 Euros

December 2023
Classic Castle: Armor & Blacksmith Shops brick moc buidling instructions are available in my shop.

moc instructions cosmowing harlock
25 Euros

November 2023
Captain Harlock / Albator: Minifigures scale Cosmowing / Aviscoupe Lego moc building instructions are available in my shop.

10223 lego moc knights tournament

October 2023
Classic Castle: 10223 Kingdoms Joust / 6083 Knight's Tournament, you decide, in my gallery.

Cannon Cove 6266 & Broadside's Brig 6259 Redux

August 2023
Classic Pirates: Cannon Cove 6266 & Broadside's Brig 6259 Rebuild / Redux moc model in my gallery.

zelda link lego moc

August 2023
Update of the Zelda Brickheadz gallery.

6041 armor 6040 blacksmith lego moc

July 2023
Classic Castle: 6040 Blacksmith Shop & 6041 Armor Shop Rebuild / Redux models in gallery.

Lego moc 6067 Guarded Inn Redux

July 2023
Classic Castle: 6067 Guarded Inn & 6023 Maiden's Cart Rebuild / Redux models in gallery.

Lego moc Batman Miniland Figure Free


Batman DC : June 2021 Back on my website, the Lego moc Free Building Instructions for Custom Dark Knight brick figure.

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